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Preschool: The Shepherds Hear about Jesus’ Birth

December 21, 2009

December 20, 2009

sheepcookiesThis morning we learned that the angels announced Jesus’ birth to some shepherds who were watching their sheep out in the fields. So many people came to celebrate Jesus’ birth! To help us remember our story, we played a game where we looked for our sheep (cottonballs) in the dark using flashlights. We also made sheep puppets and made sheep cookies.

Our kids really know our question and answer well, so be sure to ask it at home too! How do we know God loves us? God gave us Jesus! This Christmas help your child focus on this important gift. To keep their focus on Jesus, play this game. On Christmas Eve morning, remove baby Jesus from your nativity set. Let your child discover the missing Jesus for themself, or point it out. On Christmas Eve, read the Christmas story from a children’s Bible. When you read the part about Jesus’ birth, put Jesus back into the scene.

Be sure to practice our memory verse too! “God (point up) has given (hands extended in front of body, palms up) a Son to us.” (fold arms together like you are holding a baby, and pretend to rock it.) Isaiah 9:6 (hold hands like a pretend book)

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